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Is your wardrobe Christmas ready?

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Styling and matching outfits that fit the festive season!

It is barely November, yet people are already getting excited for Christmas and the festive season. While Christmas as a holiday is still quite new to Hong Kong, this year will see many celebrations, parties, themed pop up markets and much more. This is for sure also due to the long lockdown, that fortunately is behind us for now. So the question is: “Is your wardrobe Christmas ready?” Whether or not you feel ready for the season in terms of outfits and dresses, we have some ideas, tips and tricks to help you match outfits that fit the festive season.

One of our core values at MiliMilu is that our outfits bring you from the beach to the city, from casual to glam. With the right tweaks to your outfit and some accessories you and your outfit will be ready in no time for the after work parties and celebrations. Being able to use your outfit for various occasions not only leaves you looking your best throughout the day, but is also a way towards a more sustainable wardrobe. So, let’s see how we can enter the Christmas season, styling and matching outfits by adding a bit of glam and sparkle.

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 Get your wardrobe Christmas ready

1. Fit the festive season by using accessories and jewelry

Adding jewelry to style an outfit can change the whole vibe of a look and give it an extra touch of glamour. You could wear a statement piece of jewelry, a necklace, bracelets, or earrings. Don’t overdo it, but choose one feature you want to accentuate and wear your piece with pride and attitude. Experiment with colors that complement the colors of your outfit, or choose gold, silver, bronze or a combination of them all.

2. Style your outfit with the right shoes

Shoes can take an outfit from casual to glamourous and back. If you think evening, you almost automatically think heels and you are not wrong. Heels instantly elevate a casual dress to party mode and will take you from a casual day out to the evening gathering. If heels are not your thing, you can also choose a classy pair of wedges or even kitten heels. Do keep your event in mind, when choosing  a heel – neutral color and style for a work event, dazzling and sparkling for the night out.

3. Don’t forget about the purse

Like a heel, your purse can also make or break an outfit. If it is too big, it will take the attention from your outfit. Choose a smaller size and a more glamourous type and shape, like a clutch e.g. that elevates the rest of your outfit and adds the extra sparkle.

4. Add a stylish blazer

As the nights start to get a bit cooler, nothing wrong in adding a layer and cover your shoulders once the sun is down. Choose a blazer or vest that adds to the look and shapes your silhouette. This is especially true when you wear a flowy dress. Bringing the contours of your outfit closer to your silhouette will elongate you and add to a more classy evening look.

5. Accentuate the waist

Speaking of dresses, try clinching the waist. For looser, flowy dresses clinching the waist will make your outfit look more formal and will elongate your shape. Think high quality belt, heels and jewelry and voilà your stylish nighttime outfit matching the season.

Sustainable women fashion, women dresses from organic cotton and linen, women fashion for events

6. Choose neutral colors and classic patterns

Last, but not least, be mindful when choosing the color and pattern of your dress. Let’s put it this way: “A plain dress is an empty canvas awaiting your creative masterpiece”. A neutral, unicolored dress will give you more freedom to work with accessories and achieve the look you had in mind. Patterns work too, but keep in mind that some patterns and color schemes will respond better to a glamourous revamp than others. In terms of a sustainable wardrobe, items that are easy to style and versatile are better as they will keep you excited longer for how you can change their look and feel with some simple hacks.

7. Bonus Tip: Hair & a red lip

Your hair is one more feature that you can style. A creative hairdo can add to your glamourous look and is easily done by adding a sparkly clip, a hairband or headpiece. Just keep in mind the style of your overall outfit and the vibe you are trying to achieve. As for the red lip – A fast and timeless add-on feature that promises instant glam. Make sure though to choose a tone that flatters your skin tone.

8. Bonus Tip II: Inspiration for styling casual outfits

Can we just mention, that we currently are in love with Emily Elisabeth May’s take on styling casual basic outfits to give them the extra wow. Through her videos on YouTube, she also shares tips and tricks on how to achieve a more sustainable wardrobe and to follow a slow fashion road.

Sustainable fashion and family matching , mini me and mommy and me fashion


We didn’t speak about it yet, but how cute would it be if mommy could match outfits with her kids for Christmas, and even more so if the whole family had matching outfits!? Said and done! As you already might know, we at MiliMilu are huge fans of mommy & me matching outfits (for various reasons) and of course don’t forget about the boys!

Sustainable family fashion, Christmas matching, family matching outfits for the whole family

With Christmas coming up, family matching outfits is a fun way to create community and do an activity as a family. It is easily done and creates an instead bond and feeling of belonging. Even cuter when the matching outfits are Christmas themed and rock gingerbread men and more. Give the fun a try and create sweet memories, as well as picture perfect photos for your family album or Christmas cards to send out to family and friends.

Send us your coolest family matching outfits MiliMilu style! We would love to see them and feature them on our channels! Tag us @milimilu_lifestyle or #MiliMiluLifestyle

Sustainable kids clothing from organic cotton, organic kids fashion. Kids Christmas clothing and sustainable kids fashion

 News in the making:

  • Special Christmas store on our website featuring outfits, family matching outfits, mommy & me styles and accessories, that will make beautiful sustainable gifts for you and your loved ones.
  • Early shoutout to our seasonal giveaways coming up in collaboration with partner businesses that we love and appreciate
  • Tips and tricks on how to make your Christmas more sustainable this year and ideas on what to give to your loved ones near and far.


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