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Expert Series: Meet Katya and learn why movement and dance is so important for kids

Expert Series: Meet Katya and learn why movement and dance is so important for kids

At MiliMilu, we embrace active and adventurous lifestyles. In our Expert series, we're featuring an interview with Katya, the founder of Ballroom Bees. This topic is close to my heart as my daughter is an avid dancer and has participated in Ballroom Bees for a few years.
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home organization and spring cleaning- more sustainable lifestyle

Expert Series: Meet Nassim and get tips on Spring clean and house organization

The house organisation is the tangible impact it has on people's daily lives. Witnessing the transformation from cluttered chaos to streamlined order is incredibly rewarding. By being organized and settling home, we are set for our tasks, and also our wardrobe is more sustainable with easy-to-find clothing that saves our time.

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Shop sustainable women  dresses, women maxi dresses, women checked dresses and organic cotton dresses online in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Embrace Sustainable Women's Fashion with The New Society: Discover Eco-Friendly Dresses Online

In today's fast-paced world, where fashion trends come and go in the blink of an eye, it's crucial to consider the impact of our choices on the environment. At Milimilu, we're passionate about providing sustainable women's fashion online, with a focus on eco-friendly dresses.
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Sustainable women fashion and women clothing from Tencel and other eco friendly fabrics for summer.

Sustainable Textile Guide: Why We Love TENCEL™

Sustainability has become a key word for many, consumers and businesses alike. One industry that ...
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Sustainable and stylish fashion and clothing for moms, clothing for stylish moms and breastfeeding moms online in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Sustainable and stylish: Dressing tips for fashionable moms

By experience we know how busy you can be as a mom and the challenges associated. Clothing can be...
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Sustainable fashion, sustainable kids clothing from organic cotton, breathable and lightweight organic cotton, bets organic cotton

Sustainable Textile Guide: Why We Love Organic Cotton

We are surrounded by cotton, and it is time to learn more about it.
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Sustainable fashion and slow fashion, women linen dresses and linen fashion clothing

Sustainable textile guide : Why we are in love with linen

For those of you who are already familiar with Milimilu and our collections, you know that we are...
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Sustainable fashion, Christmas matching and Christmas outfits, Mini Me styles, daughter and me and daddy and me, baby and mommy

Is your wardrobe Christmas ready?

Styling and matching outfits that fit the festive season! It is barely November, yet people are ...
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sustainable fashion online for the whole family, clothing from organic cotton and linen for women, kids and organic cotton clothing for kids

One year anniversary of MiliMilu: Chat with founder Linda Morrison about sustainability, eco-friendly fashion and being an entrepreneur

Time has flown by and just like that MiliMilu, the brand for sophisticated and sustainable fashio...
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Sustainable family fashion, sustainable family clothing, sustainable travel packing and holidays clothes and dresses

Make your holiday travels more sustainable through clever packing

 The end of the year and its holiday season is just around the corner and borders are finally ope...
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Handcrafted organic cotton soft toys for babies and kids to love and be loved

Choosing the perfect lovey for your child

Organic cotton soft toys for baby and kids, handcrafted with love to be loved and cuddled, in many cute forms as bears, cats, unicorns, dogs and bunnies! MiliMilu organic cotton toys are gentle and allergy free and filled with natural fibers.
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Sustainable mini me fashion for women and kids from high quality fabrics

Travel essentials for cold weather destinations

The announcement of Hong Kong opening its borders beginning of the new year 2023 and all quaranti...
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Sophisticated and sustainable clothing for he family, women linen dresses and organic cotton kids and baby clothing

What is sustainable fashion and how to move towards a sustainable wardrobe

Ways how to move forward to more sustainable wardrobe for yourself and your children
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