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What underwear to wear for eczema-prone skin (especially for kids)

Sustainable kids underwear, kids underwear for eczema, underwear for sensitive skin, underwear from tencel

Adapted from the original article published by Just Peachy

At MiliMilu we are very much focused on sustainable clothing and organic, respectively recycled textiles. You already know that, right!? While we have been focusing on clothes, MiliMilu is now adding an underwear line for kids. We are very excited about this for multiple reasons. This particular underwear is made from TENCEL™ Micro Modal. It is a natural fiber known for its incredibly silky feel and softness on the skin, especially when prone to eczema. On top, the brand we are working with, Just Peachy Basics, is locally based here in Hong Kong. A collaboration between two local small businesses and we couldn’t be happier about the fact that we get to support each other and offer our clientele added value. But let’s get back to the question about what underwear to wear for eczema prone skin, especially for kids.

Sustainable kids underwear, underwear for sensitive skin, kids underwear, boys and girls underwear

The reason why we at MiliMilu love Just Peachy Basics underwear

The reason behind everything we do here at MiliMilu was the fact that founder Linda Morrison, but also her kids have sensitive skin, especially her son, who is prone to getting eczema rashes. This made it tricky to find clothing that they could tolerate on their skin, hence MiliMilu. The same went with underwear and after trying innumerable brands and fabrics, Linda found Just Peachy Basics underwear for kids. Both her kids love how soft the underwear is and how easy it is to wear for every occasion (think playgrounds and similar). They can also be worn with every type of clothing, including dresses, as the underpants come in a short type cut.

Underwear to wear for eczema prone skin (especially for kids)

Just Peachy’s Feel Good underwear is crafted in the softest and finest TENCEL™ Modal, a natural fiber known for its incredibly silky feel. Find out why TENCEL™ Modal clothing is recommended by the National Eczema Association for kids and adults with eczema. 

Sustainable kids underwear, kids underwear for sensitive skin, kids underwear from tencel

 What is eczema?

Eczema is a common skin condition, more prevalent in babies and young children than in adults, that's characterized by patches of dry, red, itchy skin and in severe cases can lead to itchy scaling and bleeding. Symptoms can often be managed, but it's something that many live with their whole lives.

Eczema can be caused by a number of different factors, including genetics, but what's common amongst all of them is that for people who suffer from eczema their skin may not produce as many fats and oils as others, which would normally act as a moisture barrier. As a result, the protective barrier of the outermost layer of skin isn't as effective at keeping environmental irritants and bacteria out and fighting them. For most, these irritants are synthetic substances that exist all around us, even in our clothing. What we can do to prevent an allergic reaction or eczema flare-up is to be mindful of what we expose ourselves to and to choose natural over synthetic, organic over not whenever possible.  

Why choose hypoallergenic clothing for eczema prone skin ?

The materials and the substances used in the production process of your clothing can be an eczema trigger and it’s therefore extremely important to be aware of the materials you wear. Some common fabrics known to cause a rash or a negative reaction include:

  • Nylon
  • Rayon
  • Polyester
  • Latex

Clothing made of eczema-friendly materials can help prevent irritation and reduce inflammation. Generally, looking for soft, breathable fabrics with moisture-wicking properties is your best bet. This is one of the main reasons why most of the MiliMilu collections are made from organic cotton, linen and other eczema-friendly materials. One of our current favorites and a brand new collection that just came in is Dear Sophie. All the kids clothes in this collection are made from extra light organic cotton, are super soft on the skin and just so much fun. Definitely approved by our very own little testers!

Sustainable kids underwear, kids underwear for sensitive skin, kids underwear from tencel, kids underwear for sensitive skin

What is TENCEL™ Modal?


TENCEL™ Modal is a newly developed natural fiber that's often used to make luxury clothing because of its incredible silky feel. Its other secret power is its ability to prevent eczema flare-ups and also help speed up the healing process by giving the skin relief and time to breathe, rebuild its moisture barriers and heal. The fibers used in Just Peachy's Feel Good Underwear is not only sourced from the only producer that harvests from FSC-certified forests, but is traceable from fiber to garment with Oeko Tex certification to ensure quality and your child's safety.  


What makes TENCEL™ Modal ideal for eczema-prone skin?


The most obvious benefit is how incredibly soft and gentle it feels on the skin, particularly eczema-prone skin that's sensitive to chafing. Just Peachy's kids underwear goes the extra mile in leveraging TENCEL™'s Micro Technology to produce an even finer, softer fabric than ever before. 

Another benefit of TENCEL™ Modal is its antibacterial properties, meaning it can inhibit the growth of bacteria, another common cause for flare-ups especially in humid climates where they thrive, and can lead to infection. This is why moisture-wicking fabrics is so important. 

Sustainable kids underwear, kids underwear for sensitive skin, kids underwear from tencel, kids underwear for eczema

Finally, TENCEL™ Modal is also naturally itch suppressing, which is a huge benefit as itchiness is the most prevalent symptom. Itchiness is especially hard for young children, dressing them in cool, soft, moisture-wicking clothing day and night can help relieve symptoms. In fact, nighttime is when the little ones need itch relief the most for a good night's sleep.  

Discover our Just Peachy Basics underwear collection that is especially designed for eczema-prone and sensitive skin, especially for kids. 



Please note: we are not medical professionals and this should not be taken as medical advice. If your child is experiencing severe eczema symptoms like an infection, it is best to seek medical advice immediately.


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