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Learn more about motherhood and importance of pre and post natal health

Expert Series: Meet Ziggy and learn more about pre-and-postnatal health

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it's a time when we reflect on our incredible children who made us moms. It's also a time when we think about our bodies and the remarkable things they can do. As a mom, I am constantly amazed by the transformation and growth our bodies undergo to bring a baby into the world. It truly is a remarkable feat.
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6 Major Trends in Sustainable Fashion to Expect in 2024 and new clothing trends for babies, kids and tweens online in Hong Kong and Singapore at MiliMilu.

6 Major Trends in Sustainable Fashion to Expect in 2024

6 Major Trends in Sustainable Fashion to Expect in 2024

In fashion, one of the main focuses is sustainability/eco-friendly fashion in 2024. With growing concerns about global warming, we have already noticed its effects, such as extreme weather changes and conditions, iceberg drifting, and storms. Of course, we cannot blame it all on fashion, but fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world after the oil and gas sector. 

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MiliMilu offers baby clothing for baby girls and baby boys from organic cotton and eco friendly materials in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Dress your baby in style: Tips for sustainable baby clothing that is fashionable and practical

Choosing clothes for your baby can be very fun, but also challenging. How to choose from the vast...
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Ssustainable sunglasses for baby, kids and adults to protect your eyes in sustainable way this summer

Choosing the right (sustainable) sunglasses for kids to protect their eyes

Protect your children's and also your eyes with the best kids sunglasses that are also sustainable.
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Sustainable presents for kids and thoughtful gifts for babies, kids and teens. Eco conscious gifts for babies, kids and teens

Sustainable gifting for children – How to be more eco-conscious when getting presents

Sustainable gifts for kids, that are thoughtful and practical!
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Sustainable women fashion and sustainable women dresses from linen and organic cotton in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Inspirational looks and sustainable outfits to keep you cool in hot weather

Best fabrics and fashion to wear during hot and humid weather!
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Sustainable women fashion, women fashion from organic cotton, women linen dresses, women maxi dresses, women capsule wardrobe

Sustainable capsule wardrobe: How to get started

Create your capsule wardrobe to look stylish and feel amazing, and also save time and money. Sustainable fashion is in fashion!
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Sustainable kids underwear, kids underwear for eczema, underwear for sensitive skin, underwear from tencel

What underwear to wear for eczema-prone skin (especially for kids)

Adapted from the original article published by Just Peachy At MiliMilu we are very much focused o...
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Sustainable family fashion, sustainable fashion for kids and women and babies, clothing from organic cotton and linen, breathable summer dresses

Simple ideas for more sustainability in daily life

Sustainable life for the whole family and how to get your kids involved
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Handcrafted organic cotton soft toys for babies and kids to love and be loved

Choosing the perfect lovey for your child

Organic cotton soft toys for baby and kids, handcrafted with love to be loved and cuddled, in many cute forms as bears, cats, unicorns, dogs and bunnies! MiliMilu organic cotton toys are gentle and allergy free and filled with natural fibers.
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Sophisticated and sustainable clothing for he family, women linen dresses and organic cotton kids and baby clothing

What is sustainable fashion and how to move towards a sustainable wardrobe

Ways how to move forward to more sustainable wardrobe for yourself and your children
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