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Travel essentials for cold weather destinations

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The announcement of Hong Kong opening its borders beginning of the new year 2023 and all quarantine measures being dropped was for sure big news. Finally, residents can travel again completely freely, and tourists can come visit too. If you haven’t booked your flights yet, we are sure you have been thinking about and have been looking into options. Whether you are looking to visit warm or cold destinations, some travel essentials cannot be missed when packing.

It probably has been quite a while since you last took a trip and even the savviest travelers among us might be slightly out of practice when it comes to traveling and packing, especially for cold weather destinations. Also, trying to be more eco-conscious, the question is how do we make travels more sustainable. It really is a step-by-step process and starts with preparation and clever packing. With some thought it actually is not too complicated either. So, let’s start with our take on sustainable travel essentials for cold weather destinations.

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Preparation is king (or queen) to only bring sustainable travel essentials

The win lies in clever packing and gathering information about your travel destination. Especially when it comes to cold weather destinations, make sure to check the weather conditions before leaving. Which season, climate and weather patterns will you travel into? How cold does it actually get, does it rain a lot? These are key questions, that you should have the answer to in order to decide on your travel essentials for cold weather destinations.

Aim for a travel capsule wardrobe

What does travel capsule wardrobe mean? Similar to a traditional capsule wardrobe, the idea is to pack only clothes you will use multiple times and that are easily combined. Think about the clothes you pack, their functions and how they can be combined and layered. Avoid to pack items that you will only use once or twice. Mix and match your outfits before putting them in your suitcase and think about how to layer them. Go for colors that can be combined to make the mix and matching easier during your holidays. Reduce the likelihood of overpacking by only packing clothes that you will wear multiple times.

When making a list of clothes to add to your travel capsule wardrobe, do not underestimate dresses. Dresses are surprisingly versatile, also in winter. Add warm leggings or stockings and voilà, you are dressed for almost every occasion and feeling pretty, even in winter.

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 Travel essentials in a travel capsule wardrobe for cold weather

First things first: A good winter jacket that is rain and waterproof will get you a long way. Even better if it is made from lightweight fabric and is foldable to be squeezed in your travel bags or carry-on luggage. Consider the following elements when picking a jacket: style, function and comfort. 

Keeping your extremities warm - head, hands, toes - is important to regulate your temperature and be able to stay outside longer. Get a good pair of winter shoes that is waterproof and warm socks to keep your feet warm and dry. Show love to your hands and pack those gloves to keep your hands warm. With cute and warming options at the same time, do not underestimate scarfs and beanies.

A word on thermals: If you are going to a particularly cold destination thermals might save you from feeling cold. They are designed for insulation and keeping your trunk and legs warm. You can layer them under your regular clothes. Make sure though to think about when you plan on wearing them. Some thermal clothes are solemnly produced to keep the warmth in and not to transport sweat away from the body. That type is thus not ideal for physical activities. Make sure to get the type that is most compatible with the activities you plan on doing at your destination.

Generally, think base layer, middle and outer layer. The layers should be loose fit instead of tight around your body. Warm air should get trapped between your skin and clothes and insulate better against the cold.

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 Items for sun protection - Even in winter destinations

Although it might be cold at your holiday destination, it can be sunny and bright as well; especially when traveling to snowy places. Do pack sunscreen, ideally a type that is made to protect your face from the sun and the cold at the same time. Get one with organic and natural ingredients that is gentle to your skin, nourishes and hydrates it. Be sure to bring your sunglasses to protect your eyes form the bright light. We have some cute sustainable sunglasses here.

Finally, remember to check whether your accommodation has a pool, spa or hot spring. A bathing suit and flipflops will come in handy then.

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Packing your travel capsule wardrobe to take up less space

Especially winter clothes tend to be bulky and taking up a lot of space in your luggage. We have two tips for you to make packing easy and space saving. First of all, get packing cubes. They are brilliant to keep all your clothes neatly organized and easily accessible when needed. Second, roll your clothes. By rolling your clothes, they will take up less space and also wrinkle less.

sustainable packing for cold holidays and ski trips

Making your travel essentials sustainable by choosing natural and organic fabrics and endless styles

Packing less and rocking a travel capsule wardrobe means less luggage to carry, but also involves choosing your items more carefully and really getting quality and endless styles. Together with our tips on clever packing for more sustainable travels – think toiletries, water bottles and other accessories - choosing what you buy for your travels is the next step in making your holidays more eco-friendly.

When it comes to choosing quality and endless styles that keep you warm during your holidays in a cold weather destination, look no further. We at MiliMilu have stocked up on cute sweaters, shirts and vests, but also dresses that can be styled for cold weather alike. You will be for sure rocking your holidays with these styles.


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Wherever you decide to go, with these tips on travel essentials for cold weather destinations, you will for sure be well prepared and carrying less weight in luggage with you. Happy holidays!

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