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Make your holiday travels more sustainable through clever packing

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 The end of the year and its holiday season is just around the corner and borders are finally open, while quarantining has become more of a dark memory than a reality. You must be just as excited as we are at MiliMilu, that travelling is finally easier. More flights out of Hong Kong are being scheduled and the world is open to be discovered again. Have you booked your flight yet!?

Whether you are planning to travel out of Hong Kong or opt for a staycation during the upcoming holiday season, nothing beats clever packing; even more so if you can make your holiday travels more sustainable that way. A few simple hacks and clever clothes choices will not only make for a lighter suitcase, but also for more sustainable traveling.

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Make your travels more sustainable through planning ahead and being realistic

Who isn’t guilty of packing too much, yet not enough and ending up buying new clothes on destination to fit the local weather? Check the weather forecast and make sure you pack according. Also, consider what activities you have planned and what else you might need. Think towels (does your accommodation provides them), rainwear, sunglasses, layers and tote bags for shopping trips.

Finally comfort is key, pack clothes you love wearing and shoes that you are comfortable walking in. That way you will avoid buying replacements (that you might just like so, so, but need to buy right that moment) during your holidays.

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Sustainable traveling through rocking a capsule wardrobe

We are a fan of less is more when it comes to clothes and a capsule wardrobe is a great way to make your travel wardrobe more sustainable. Even more so if the fabrics are long-lasting and from organic or recycled origins. What we mean is that holiday travels are a great opportunity to try out your capsule wardrobe skills by packing items that can be mixed, matched and layered in multiple ways. Also think of transition outfits like dresses, down dressed during the day and up dressed in the evening. For example with a pair of nice shoes or some accessories.

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Reusable and eco-friendly toiletry for more sustainable (holiday) travels

Another key element, yet often overlooked when it comes to clever packing for sustainable traveling, are toiletries. Try switching your disposable cotton wool pads to reusable ones. (Just be careful to select wipes made from organic and ethically sourced cotton or bamboo, which will also be more gently to your skin). Use refillable, travel-sized containers for your soap, shampoo and conditioner, as well as any creams you might need. Or even go for soap, shampoo and conditioner bars. If you travel to the sun, get some reef safe sunscreen to avoid damaging the reefs and marine life with toxic chemicals. Your body will thank you as well.

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 Avoid plastic packaging and bags for more sustainable travels while on a destination

It seems like a no-brainer when at home: using a reusable water bottle and bringing your tote bag ( if you have shopped at MiliMilu you got one!)  instead of accepting the single use bags in the shops. These can be trickier on holidays though, especially if your destination doesn’t have safe water coming out of the tap. Again, planning ahead is key. Inform yourself whether drinking water is safe from the tap at your destination, whether water is easily accessible when on the go and how else you could minimize the use of single use water bottles. In any case, don’t forget your tote bag, single use bags really can be avoided everywhere! ;)

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 Final thoughts on making your holiday travels more sustainable through clever packing

Now MiliMilu wouldn’t be MiliMilu, if we didn’t have you covered where ever your holiday plans might take you. Be it a sunny place with summer vibes or a cooler place that currently rocks winter weather. When packing clothes that can be used for multiple occasions, we recommend dresses as they come in quite handy. They can be casual and comfortable during the day, but also up dressed in the evening and layered with a vest or jacket to keep you warm during the chillier nights. Clothes from linen and organic cotton will help your body regulate the temperature in case you hit a summer spot during your holidays. And in case you are a fan of matching outfits for the whole family, we have some of these too. Not only are they cute, but also make for a fun family activity to bond and create memories. Plus, your family holiday pictures will be even more amazing.  


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