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Beyond Mommy & Me Fashion – Family Matching Outfits

Mine me dresses and mine me clothing for Mommy and daughter matching and while family matching

Mini Me Fashion – For some family matching outfits it is a fun and cute way of showing belonging with their mini me, for some it feels rather silly to match outfits with their children. But, let’s think about it for a minute – matching outfits have been around for hundreds of years and go beyond the currently popular mommy & me fashion trend. Think sports teams, youth groups, and many other social and cultural settings where people wear matching outfits. Matching outfits have the gift to create a special bond between people, help them show their feelings for one another and help create a feeling of togetherness. Now, how brilliant is that!? 

Family Matching Outfits as a fun activity for the whole family

If you are looking for ideas on what to do as a family that is fun and easy to do and involves you spending time together working on a project – why not considering mommy & me fashion, daddy & me fashion or even getting the whole family involved to create family matching outfits. As we mentioned before matching outfits help you bond and feel togetherness as a family. Your children will for sure be delighted to dress like you and twinning their way around the city. It will give them an extra boost in confidence and let them grow a tiny bit taller, knowing that they belong to a team together with their favourite people in the world.

Sustainable and organic cotton mini me styles, Mommy and daughter matching dresses, Mommy and son outfits

Why Family Matching Outfits at MiliMilu

The reason why we have family matching outfits and lots of mommy & me fashion options is because MiliMilu founder Linda Morrison just loves to match outfits with her family, be it with her daughter or her son for that matter. It makes their time together as a family more special and fun ! One of their favourite season for family matching outfits is actually coming up soon – Christmas ! Beans spilled – there will be some cute seasonal family matching outfits added to the MiliMilu collection shortly. The second reason for having mommy & me fashion, as well as daddy & me fashion at MiliMilu is that Linda couldn’t find stylish, yet sustainable matching outfits that were on top gentle to sensitive skin. She did try a few, but every time she had to compromise. Hence, she went out to solve this problem by adding some cute family matching looks to her collection. A big plus according to founder Linda Morrison is the fact that each item can be worn together to make a matching outfit or be styled separately, combined with other items to create a new look.

How to – Family Matching Outfits

We realise it can feel difficult to know how to start with family matching outfits. Suggest the idea as a fun thing to do as a family and see how the reactions are. There are various options and variations possible. You could start with a mommy & me fashion outfit, go down the road of daddy & me fashion or go all in with a family matching outfit. You can choose a special event, like a wedding or birthday celebration, define a family outing to give it a try or think about a family outfit for the upcoming holidays. You can start small with accessories, like matching sunglasses or matching jewellery or you go for matching swimwear, thinking of the next holidays or a family outing on the weekend. If you got everybody on board you can of course also go big and create a whole outfit for everyone in the family, including matching dresses, shirts etc. From experience, children are less afraid to be bold and go all in, so involve them in the decision making. On top of feeling proud to belong, they will also feel accepted, respected and valued as part of the decision making in their family.

Sustainable family matching, family clothing from organic cotton for baby and kids. Mini Me styles, Mommy and daughter fashion

To sum it up: All variations of matching outfits, be it mommy & me fashion, daddy & me fashion or family matching outfits, are a way to express your togetherness and bond as a family. It also goes back to the core of the relationships as a family – LOVE!

So, have fun as a family, enjoy the process and don’t forget to take pictures!

Sustainable family fashion, clothing from organic cotton and breathable linen dresses

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