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About Milimilu – Sophisticated & sustainable fashion for the whole family

MiliMilu founder and creative director of sustainable fashion

The mission of MiliMilu is simple : Bringing sophisticated and sustainable fashion to you and to your family! Our clothes are easy to wear, but also make you look stunning for every occasion. Most importantly though, we care about the origins of our clothes and accessories and their impact on the environment. To ensure that our clothes truly deserve to be called sustainable fashion, we handpick the brands we partner up with to ensure a sustainable ethical production process and the highest quality of every item.

How we got here: The origins of the brand MiliMilu

MiliMilu is the passion project of founder Linda Morrison. Originally from Latvia, Linda has spent and still spends lots of time in nature and feels a deep connection with the environment. Being little, she was mostly found outdoors, wandering around the surrounding forests and enjoying beach life with her family and friends. Born in the former USSR, she grew up in a clean environment with few plastic, synthetic or processed items around her. Due to the limited supply of things, Linda learned from a young age to take care of her clothes and toys, which were mostly handcrafted and made from organic materials. Items were passed down from family and friends and hence the impact on nature was limited, and each item long lasting. When the borders opened in the 90s, Linda saw first-hand the excitement of the new freedom and access to the generous amounts of clothes and toys, but she also observed the emergence of unnecessary waste.

 After having children of her own, Linda wanted to teach her children the value of a sustainable lifestyle and how each and every one of us is responsible for their actions and the impact those actions have on the environment. It is thus important to her to convey to her children that we all need to think about the purchases we make and even more so need to take care of our belongings to make them last longer. Of course it is hard to not spoil our children and truth to be told, Linda also is guilty of giving in from time to time.

 MiliMilu: A name with a deeper meaning

MiliMilu stands for LoveLove in Latvian – A symbol for our love for Mother Nature, the love for our children and our families and the love for the details, especially when it comes to making eco-friendly choices and leading a more sustainable lifestyle. Fashion and its production cycle is an often overlooked, yet important part in taking care of our planet. We believe that together we can make sustainable choices when it comes to fashion; prioritizing clothing from sustainable sources, ethically produced and long lasting in order to take care of our planet. This ideal pairs with our love for simple, yet sophisticated fashion from sustainable sources and the love for the people behind the design and production of each pieces. Every step made with love and brought to you with great care.

Core values of MiliMilu for more sustainability in fashion

1. Natural or recycled materials from sustainable and organic sources

Besides her upbringing, an additional factor weighed in to create MiliMilu. Founder Linda has sensitive skin and reacts with allergies to clothes that are made from synthetic fibres; same goes for processed food actually. This sensitivity was passed down to her children and thus it was most important to find clothes that would be gentle to the family’s skin. Only clothing made from organic materials with no harmful chemicals are tolerated and don’t spark allergic skin reactions. The market in Hong Kong offering a very limited selection if any at all at the time, Linda jumped in and closed this gap with the sustainable fashion offered by her brand MiliMilu.

2. Ethical and socially responsible production cycle

Finally, it also was important to founder of MiliMilu, Linda Morrison that she was comfortable with answering her son’s questions about the origin of his PJs. Her son is very curious and one night he asked whether the person who made his PJs was happy. And the only answer Linda ever wanted to give was “Yes”. Yes, because working with the fabrics would not be harmful to that person. Yes, because the person was paid a fair wage. Yes, because that person was working in a work environment that treated them with respect and with good working conditions. So, not only is the origin of the fabrics of clothes important, but also the environment in which they are handled and the people involved in the process. Sustainable fashion is about materials from natural, often organic sources, about ethical production of said clothes and being socially responsible.

3. Fashion as part of a more sustainable lifestyle

Taking all these factors into consideration there was only one way forward: making it our mission to offer sustainable fashion for the whole family and to work with smaller brands and workshops. Many of their clothes are actually handcrafted and they all take the control they have over their production environment very seriously and choose the fibres they work with wisely. We are thus proud to be able to say, that we know who made our clothes and whether they are happy. And we want to share the good news with you all in our MiliMilu community.


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