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Choosing the right (sustainable) sunglasses for kids to protect their eyes

Ssustainable sunglasses for baby, kids and adults to protect your eyes in sustainable way this summer

Protecting our kids from the sun when out and about is on the mind of every parent. Naturally we put sunscreen on them, make sure they wear suitable clothes and a hat. But what about having them wear sunglasses to protect their eyes?

Heading out into nature or the beach on a sunny day, we use sunscreen, even if we are just out and about for a bit with our children. But what about protecting our children’s eyes too? Children’s and teenager eyes are still developing and are thus more sensitive to sunlight then adult eyes. Kids also spend almost 3 times more time outdoors and in direct sunlight than adults. 

Sustainable and stylish baby and kids sunglasses to protect your children's eyes in style online and in Hong kong and Singapore.

What to look out for when choosing your kids’ sunglasses

Choosing the right sunglasses can be confusing and overwhelming, even more so if you are looking for a pair of sustainable sunglasses for kids that protect your children’s eyes. We thus recommend to look out for the following features when choosing sunglasses:

  • UV400 protection, meaning that they offer almost 100% protection against harmful ultraviolet light rays, including UVA and UVB rays.
  •  Polarized lenses. Our recommendation would be to choose tac polarized lenses for better vision and sun reflection. 
  • Light and eco-friendly materials, such as TPEE with no harmful chemicals such as BPA.
Kinds sunglasses with Uv protection, stylish kids sunglasses online and in Hong Kong and Singapore.

 At MiliMilu, we make sure that our sunglasses for kids fit all those standards and are on top made from eco-friendly, recycled materials. They are also stylish and fun to wear. With their unisex styles and durable sustainable materials, they can easily be shared among siblings and passed down to friends and family. 

sustainable and stylish kids hats and kids sunglasses online and in Hong Kong

Check out our collection of hats for children and don’t miss our MiliMilu sunnies selection for matching Mini Me styles for babies up to adults in fun colours. Shop now and protect yours and your children’s eyes with sustainable sunglasses!

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