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Our promise to you

MiliMilu brings sophisticated and sustainable fashion to you, easy to wear and making you look stunning for every occasion. But most importantly, we care about the origins of our clothes and accessories and their impact on the environment. To ensure the highest quality and sustainable ethical production process, we handpick the brands that we partner up with and curate carefully every item in our store. 
Our products are:
  • From sustainable and organic sources
  • From natural or recycled materials
  • High quality and long-lasting fibers
  • Without allergens and gentle to your skin
  • With a socially responsible background

The beginning of our story

MiliMilu: LoveLove in Latvian – A symbol for our love for Mother Nature, the love for our children and our families and the love for the details, especially when it comes to making ecofriendly choices. Fashion and its production cycle is an often overlooked, yet important part in taking care of our planet. We believe that together we can make sustainable choices when it comes to fashion; prioritizing clothing from sustainable sources, ethically produced and long lasting in order to take care of our planet. This ideal pairs with our love for simple, yet sophisticated fashion from sustainable sources and the love for the people behind the design and production of each pieces. Every step made with love and brought to you with great care.
Sustainable fashion for the whole family from organic cotton and linen online in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Going the extra mile

We believe that being kind to our Mother Nature and the people around you goes a long way. And together we can go that extra mile: Invest in a cleaner future by using long-lasting products with less impact on the environment, passing on children’s items that no longer serve you, but still have lots of live left in them. We thus encourage you to give a second life to the clothes that you no longer need, by passing them on to family, friends or charity.
True to our core beliefs, our eco-friendly choices don’t stop with our clothes and accessories, but also involve packaging. We try our best to use eco-friendly, sustainable packaging where possible. All our paper materials are from recycled materials. Our packaging material is eco-friendly, from sustainable sources or recycled / repurposed materials, and we use compostable mailers. While this is already a great achievement, we can do better and are currently looking for more eco-friendly options for our shipping labels and brand stickers.


We want to give back! We thus are currently looking into partnering up with charities, especially in Hong Kong to give clothes and accessories a second life and help communities in need. As we are just launching, this is still in its very early stages, but we are happy to get the conversation started with you. Feel free to message us with ideas or needs.  
Let’s show our planet some love with more sustainable choices for a greener and cleaner planet for us and our children!
With love,