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Sustainable travel essentials for warm weather destinations

Sustainable traveling and sustainable packing, sustainable fashion for women, kids, babies and teens

With the borders completely open again for Hong Kong, travels will for sure pick up and we can imagine that most of you are planning for a getaway, if you haven’t booked one already! Is there anything more exciting than packing for an upcoming holiday? Even more so if you are booked into a warm weather destination that promises beautiful beaches and an exotic feel. And how about if you could make your trip just a bit eco-friendlier through clever packing and some sustainable travel essentials? It is the small steps that go a long way too and with some tweaking you can make a big impact for the environment. Here is our take on sustainable travel essentials for warm weather destinations.

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 General packing tips for traveling

First of all, make sure to check the weather forecast before leaving. What season are you headed to, what is the current climate and weather patterns. Having that information will help you to choose what clothes you need and help you avoid overpacking things that you won’t be using after all.

Think travel capsule wardrobe. Try to mix and match your outfits before packing them, so you know what you can combine. It will make it easier on you to decide what to wear once you have arrived at your destination. Choose neutral colors that are easy to combine. Versatile clothes are key, a few tops, t-shirts and blouses, a couple of pants and shorts, plus a few dresses, a bathing suit, sunglasses and a hat – just to give you real quick idea of what you could pack.

A word on dresses, dresses are very versatile and will make you feel comfortable and stylish throughout the day and in the evening. Just add some cute shoes and accessories for a dressed-up look or wear them with flipflops to go to the beach. They are also your ideal companion for a stroll through the city. The perfect travel capsule wardrobe item that fits many different occasions.

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Warm weather sustainable essentials: Swimwear & Sun protection

Of course, when you travel into sunny places, there has to be sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. First and foremost, they protect your skin and eyes from the harmful UV rays. By choosing items that are made from recycled materials or sustainable fibers, hats & sunglasses become eco-friendly and more sustainable then their traditional counterparts. We have a fun and sustainable collection of hats (for children) and sunglasses to choose from.

As for sustainable sunscreen it is all in the ingredients. Your sunscreen should be reef safe. They are designed to be biodegradable and are not harmful to sea life. They must use “non nano zinc oxide” e.g. To find out more about sustainable sunscreens check out

If you plan on snorkeling or swimming for a longer time, choose a rash guard to wear over your swimwear. They offer 100% sun protection, and you need fewer amounts of sunscreen overall.

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 Light & fast drying clothes that can be layered

For your warm weather destination, think light clothes that are breathable and light. Natural fibers, such as linen, are ideal for that kind of weather. They have the ability to regulate your body temperature and transition humidity away from your body. Natural fibers are comfortable to the touch, keep you cool when it is hot, but also have the advantage of insulating when it gets chillier outside, e.g. at night. You will thus feel comfortable in them all day long and are well prepared for a slight change in temperature.

While it will probably be hot outside all day long, do not underestimate the temperature fluctuation. Depending on your destination it can get cool at night and even windy if you stay by the sea e.g. Make sure to bring something to keep you warm, like a sweater, a jacket or a scarf to wrap yourself into.

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Sustainable travel essentials: Miscellaneous items you should always pack

A tote bag: A tote bag is a perfect allrounder to go shopping, get you packed for a beach day and just generally contain your water bottle, camera and other items for a day out. Especially when it comes to shopping ( have you gotten your MiliMilu bag yet?), you can casually say no to a plastic bag and pack your souvenirs in your reusable tote bag.

A refillable water bottle: Nothing is more sustainable than a bottle that can be refilled to avoid the single plastic PET bottles. Now, some destinations, might not offer safe water from the tap or have safe refilling station available. Make sure to inform yourself beforehand whether you will have access to drinking water other than sealed plastic water bottles. Safety first.

Laundry Bag, Toiletry Bag & Shoe bags: Use bags to keep your items separated, e.g. dirty laundry away from the clean one, shoes separate and your toiletry in place while avoiding spills. Use reusable plastic bags as they are sturdier and will serve you a long time. As for the toiletries themselves: Use sustainable and reusable toiletry items over single use items.

Packing cubes: If you haven’t tried packing cubes yet, we urge you to do so! They are brilliant to separate items in your luggage, keep everything organized and easily accessible on the go. Roll your clothes to safe space and prevent them from wrinkling.

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Final thoughts on sustainable travel essentials for warm weather destinations

When it comes to choosing quality and endless styles that keep you cool and stylish during your holidays in a warm weather destination, look no further. We at MiliMilu have stocked up on cute dresses, shirtsswimwear and accessories. You will be for sure rocking your holidays with these styles.

Wherever you decide to go, with these tips on travel essentials for warm weather destinations, you will for sure be well prepared and carrying less weight in luggage with you. Happy holidays!

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