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Expert Series: Meet Jade and get tips about holistic sleep for babies and kids

Sustainable lifestyle and holistic sleep approach for babies and sleep habits for kids

Meet Jade,  the Founder of The Holistic Sleep Edit a service committed to supporting parents to conquer the sleep challenges of their little ones.  Almost nine years ago, her first child Myla was born, and she personally encountered the challenges of sleep deprivation and nightly disturbances.  

This personal journey ignited a spark within Jade, propelling her to seek innovative solutions for the sleep struggles that all to frequently affect babies and toddlers. Fast forward to today, and The Holistic Sleep Edit stands tall as a testament to Jade's passion and dedication. For five years and counting, with hundreds of well-rested families to vouch for it, this business continues to thrive and evolve, offering invaluable support to those facing the daily challenges of parenting. 

Living alongside her delightful family – Myla (9), Theo (6), and her husband Harsha – she embraces a lifestyle filled with exploration, travel, a love for the great outdoors, and a commitment to a healthy way of living!

Sustainable lifestyle and holistic sleep approach for babies and sleep habits for kids

Introduction to the Holistic Sleep Approach and what it mean

Jade offers a hand held holistic service as a comprehensive sleep coach, providing an all-encompassing transformative experience. She adeptly leads parents through a step-by-step journey, navigating them from their current sleep challenges to the ultimate achievement: empowering their child to sleep independently, seamlessly transitioning through the night without the continual need for resettling support.

Unlike one-off educational sessions available abundantly online, Jade's approach is distinctive. Her service is a thorough, laser-focused journey where she evaluates, tracks, and collaborates with parents from start to finish, making sure no stone is left unturned, allowing her to truly get you the results you’re looking for.  No two cases are the same, and Jade, with her methodical, holistic, and supportive approach, addresses each situation, fully adapting to the unique needs of your child.

Often,  she can resolve challenges without the necessity for self-soothing strategies at all, achieving positive outcomes through adjustments and optimisation of the fundamental foundations of sleep. Over a 3-4 week period, she dedicates time to each individual family that she works with to solidify lifelong habits, ensuring a thorough understanding and successful implementation.

While achieving sound sleep is undoubtedly a luxury for the entire family, the primary motivation lies in the health, physical and cognitive development of the child. Recognizing sleep as a foundational pillar of health, Jade emphasises its profound impact on overall well-being. As families embrace this transformative journey, they not only experience the luxury of restful nights but also witness positive effects on their health, attention spans, and alertness as they approach each new day. With Jade at the helm, families can trust they are in capable hands for this important journey.

 Sustainable lifestyle and holistic sleep approach for babies and kids

Holistic approach sleep tips and suggestions from baby to tween or even adult

Both adults and children can significantly improve their sleep quality by adhering to essential sleep foundation principles. Every minute detail works together to establish a consistent sleeper, and rarely is a single factor solely responsible for the challenges you might face. Her approach considers a comprehensive range of factors, including the environment, activity levels, daylight and artificial exposure, routines and rituals, sleep schedules and distribution, emotional well-being, and, specifically for children, their self-soothing ability. Rather than jumping immediately to self-soothing, often mistakenly considered a quick fix by parents, she thoroughly addresses and optimises these multiple factors first.  This holistic approach ensures a successful resolution within a remarkably short timeframe, in a supportive and gradual manner, when executed correctly.

 Sustainable lifestyle and holistic sleep for babies and kids

Tips for parents on how to start a more holistic sleep approach for their children?

Jade advises that the initial step in addressing your child's sleep challenges is to take a holistic perspective of their entire 24-hour day. What is their daily routine like? How is their nutrition and milk intake? What emotional connections do they have with the person putting them to sleep? How conducive is their sleeping environment? Are their nap timings and durations tailored to their specific sleep needs, avoiding generic recommendations from books and online sources?

After thoughtful consideration and necessary adjustments, you can then explore how your baby learns to fall asleep. It is only at this point that you should contemplate developing a more independent sleep-settling style. Attempting self-soothing techniques before addressing these foundational factors is unlikely to yield success, and the process may not be as seamless. Jade skillfully navigates all these elements, preparing your baby to receive self-soothing strategies in a gentle and well-adapted manner, leading to more serene and blissful nights.

 sustainable lifestyle, organic clothing and holistic sleeping

What are your views on a sustainable lifestyle, and how do you teach your children about sustainability?

Embracing a sustainable lifestyle holds great significance for Jade's family. Actively incorporating eco-friendly practices into their daily lives, Jade consistently imparts this ethos to her children, instilling in them the values of environmental stewardship. With a commitment to nurturing the next generation of environmentally conscious leaders, Jade has chosen a school for her children that places a 100% focus on the environment and sustainability, setting a powerful example for the kind of education that aligns with her family's values.

In their pursuit of sustainability, Jade and her family adopt regular practices such as minimizing waste, opting for clothing and apparel from sustainable brands like MiliMilu, a personal favourite for children's wear. Although not strictly vegetarian, the family has consciously shifted towards predominantly vegetarian meals at home during the week in recent years, aiming to reduce the impact of meat consumption. Through these deliberate choices and lifestyle adaptations, they are always looking to create a sustainable legacy and contribute to a greener future.

 sustainable lifestyle, sustainable fashion and holistic sleep

What are your and your family's favourite nature/outdoor activities?

Most weekends, you'll invariably find Jade and her family near the beach. The ocean has always been a love for Jade, and this connection naturally extends to her children, who have embraced the water since their early days.

Beyond the beach, mountains play an equally significant role in their lives. Passionate about hiking, trail running, and outdoor exploration, the family revels in all activities in the great outdoors. Their love for sport is central to their identity, evident in the daily non -negotiable morning bootcamp ritual shared by Jade and her husband—a routine which is now followed with ice bath dips before the workday commences.

Their active and healthy lifestyle extends to various pursuits such as paddle boarding, padel, yoga and pilates and any activity that keeps them on the move, especially in the great outdoors.   Furthermore, Jade´s husband is a Breathwork Coach who works closely with individuals, guiding them towards better physical and mental health and also enhancing their sports performance. Jade and their children are lucky to have this skill set at their fingertips, which helps the family to foster greater peace of mind and presence. Discover more about his methods at .

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