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Inspirational looks and sustainable outfits to keep you cool in hot weather

Sustainable women fashion and sustainable women dresses from linen and organic cotton in Hong Kong and Singapore.

How is it spring already!? We barely got to enjoy the cooler temperatures and now we are back to facing the more humid and hotter period of the year. While sunshine, holiday feelings and beach trips sound good, it gets even better with the right outfits that will keep you cool in hot weather. With a few simple tricks (think natural fabrics like cotton or linen) and some inspirational looks, you will be summer ready in no time, no matter where the season leads you. Discover what to look out for to keep cool in hot weather and how to style your wardrobe to incorporate inspirational looks and sustainable outfits.

Sustainable women fashion and sustainable women swimwear from recycled materials

Best fabrics to keep you cool in hot weather and that are sustainable too

You might have guessed it; we humans keep cool mainly through sweating. The evaporation of liquid transports to heat away from our bodies and hence has a cooling effect. In humid weather this mechanism is less performant though. For that reason, fabrics worn in hot and humid weather should be able to maximize the flow of air through the clothes and allow heat and moisture to escape away from the body. To ensure this, clothes with a loose fit made from natural, breathable fibers are particularly recommended. They soak up the moisture from the skin and transport it away from your body. That way they help to adjust your body temperature and to keep cool during hot weather.

If you have been following MiliMilu for a while, you know that we stand for natural, sustainable fabrics. Or recycled fabrics if all else fails and functionality plus comfort prevails over natural fabrics, like recycled polyester for swim wear. The most sustainable and accessible fabrics out there that tick all the boxes when it comes to keeping you cool and comfortable during hot weather are natural fibers, mainly cotton and linen. And we are absolutely in love with these both sustainable, organic fabric options.

Sustainable women fashion and women summer dresses from organic and recycled materials

Sustainable organic cotton for summer

Organic cotton is not only sustainable but also a top choice for fibers to wear in hot and humid weather conditions. It is soft, lightweight, and breathable. Cotton absorbs moisture and allows for the movement of air from your skin through the fabric. That way heat can be dissipated, humidity on your body is reduced and your skin is kept dry. The only downside is that cotton can become damp and takes a while to dry. 

Look out for thinner, lighter fabrics in a flowy style to take advantage of the benefits cotton offers in hot and humid weather conditions.

Sustainable women fashion and women clothing from linen, high quality women linen dresses for capsule wardrobe

Sustainable organic linen for summer

Linen is the other top choice when it comes to fabrics that are good for hot weather conditions. It is also a natural, sustainable fiber and is light, cool, absorbent and very comfortable to wear.  Woven loosely it allows for heat to escape away from your body, while absorbing moisture and drying quickly. It is malleable and doesn’t stick to your body as much. On top, linen fabrics are relatively stain-resistant and antibacterial by nature, can be machine-washed and will get clean even when washed at low temperatures or cold. Disadvantage of linen is it characteristic to wrinkled and crease easily. The more often you wash it though, the softer the fabric becomes which will in the long run create a gentle crease and make your piece of clothing even more flattering when worn.

Sustainable women fashion form organic and eco friendly materials for stylish women

Merino wool the unexpected choice for a cooling fabric

Cotton and linen are for sure the most popular and widely available choices when it comes to cool and comfortable fabrics for summer heat, but merino wool is not to be dismissed. On the contrary. Especially for outdoor activities such as hiking merino wool is a popular choice for being a natural fiber with warming, but also cooling effects. The fiber is absorbent and helps to regulate your body temperature. It keeps your body insulated when the outside temperatures are cool but will also keep you cool when the temperatures are rising. These attributes make merino wool especially suitable for the active outdoors when your body temperature is likely to rise over the course of the day outside. It is also durable and does not trap body odor.

Avoid synthetic materials 

Unless you consider functional active wear that is designed to carry moisture away from the body during your activities, we recommend to stay away from synthetic fibers, such as polyester, acrylic and nylon. In hot and humid conditions these materials trap heat and will make you feel hot as they are not breathable. They also tend to trap body odors and bacteria.

MiliMilu offers sustainable women fashion and women blouses from organic cotton for hot weather

Tips & tricks to stay comfortable and cool during hot summer  

While your instinct might tell you to wear as less as possible and choose the short options in your wardrobe, you might want to rethink this approach. Generally speaking, you want to choose clothes that are loose and comfortable and which allow for air circulation close to your body. The air will feel cool and help to keep your body dry, while preventing irritations, rashes, and skin infections. You might also want to choose light-colored fabrics that reflect the light and heat, rather than dark colors that tend to absorb heat much more. Think white, beige and pastel tones or even light patterns.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to style your outfit to get through a hot and humid summer day, whether you are headed for the office, the city or a night out later in the day.

  • Choose cooling fabrics & materials, such as cotton or linen or even merino wool, depending on where you are headed and what you plan on doing. You will want to choose breathable natural fabrics that are also moisture absorbent or moisture wicking. They move sweat away from your skin and leave you with a dry feeling. 
  • Opt for light colors, such as whites, beige, pastels or light patterns. These are ideal to reflect light and heat rather than absorb it. And this alone will already help you to avoid overheating.
  • Choose clothes with a loose fit over body hugging styles. In humid weather it is beneficial to wear light clothes that do not cling to your body. Snuggly fits will soak up moisture and stick uncomfortably to your skin. Think puff-sleeve blouses, flowy skirts and dresses and wide leg pants that will allow for air circulation close to your body and make room for your skin to breathe.
  • Wear open-toes shoes like sandals or espadrilles. Your body not only regulates its temperature through sweat, but also by its extremities, including feet. Trap them in sneakers or leather shoes and you will easily feel uncomfortably hot.
  • Opt for minimal jewelry and if you do want to wear some, choose the delicate options. Metal gets heavy and sticky quickly in humid conditions.
  • Go for hair accessories: Wear a lightweight hat to complete your outfit or choose headbands and scarves to keep your hair in place and out of your face. Sunglasses can also be a great accessory on hot, sunny days and at the same time offer additional sun protection.
  • Last but not least: When in doubt wear a dress. By now you probably know that we at MiliMilu love dresses for various reasons. Foremost, because they are allrounders that are easy to style and take your from the beach to the city and from the office to casual afterwork drinks. To beat the summer heat, choose a dress made from breathable fabric, add a pair of toe peeping shoes and look and feel amazing while staying cool.

MiliMilu offers sustainable women fashion from organic and breathable fabrics for stylish women and moms

Best styles to make you feel cool and comfortable during a hot summer day

Of course, as always we at MiliMilu got you covered when it comes to choosing styles that will take you through your day in a comfortable, cool, yet stylish way. We definitely recommend a dress as an allrounder and summer staple that should be in every wardrobe. They tick all the boxes from being comfortable, and allowing the air to circulate and it is easy to find a piece that will fit your style and level of activity. Plus, they come in various colors and patterns and can easily be styled to fit several different occasions from the more laid-back to the more formal ones. Choose e.g. an A-line to maximize the airflow around your body.

Check out our newest styles of summer dresses, that are of course all made from organic natural fibers, mainly cotton and linen and come in light colors and patterns that give you an instant feeling of summer, beach and vacation.

Of course, not every occasion is a dress occasion and sometimes you might just feel like wearing shorts or even long pants. Even more so if you work at an office and need a more formal business look. So maybe our linen pants & shorts are more up your alley in that case. In any case: make sure to consider the fabric and opt for a thinner fabric in a more relaxed fit that will allow for increased airflow. Tailored pants in natural colors with a high waist and wide legs will lengthen your torso and keep your look professional while keeping you cool at the same time.

Add one of our assorted tops and blazers that can be styled with shorts and pants to give you a well-rounded look and make you feel great in your outfit.

Sustainable women accessories and sunglasses from eco friendly materials by MiliMilu

Whether you stay home or are bound to travel to a hot and humid holiday destination we hope that these tips and tricks will help you to keep cool no matter what your plans are. Find more tips and tricks on sustainable travel essentials, making your holiday packing more sustainable or building a sustainable capsule wardrobe at home and on holiday to make the upcoming weeks a success with minimal effort.

Sustainable women fashion by MiliMilu for stylish and modern women

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