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10 sustainable Mother’s Day gift ideas to delight every Mom

Sustainable Mother's gift and expierences. Celebrate Mother's Day in style with sustainable fashion from breathable and organic cotton and linen. Women summer dresses and Mommy and Me styles for Mommy and son and Mommy and daughter matching.

 Mother’s Day is just around the corner and who doesn’t want to make their mom feel really special and appreciated. A lot of thought will go into the perfect gift for the occasion, even more so if we want it to be something that the person really enjoys, reflects their interests and needs and on top is sustainable. “Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of a family or individual, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society”.

 Sustainable women dresses, women maxi and midi dresses in Hong Kong and Singapore from breathable and lightweight fabrics for hot weather and holidays.

It is the day we show our appreciation for the mom(s) in our family, her efforts and contributions to keep the family happy, cared for an nurtured with love.

Finding the perfect gift might be tricky, but we got you covered.

Sustainable women fashion in Hong Kong and Singapore, women maxi dresses from breathable and lightweight fabrics for summer and holidays

These 10 sustainable Mother’s Day gift ideas will make your Mom smile.

  • Prepare a picnic and take her on a day out into nature. It could be her favorite spot or a new place you haven’t been before. Hong Kong offers lots of opportunities to go on a hike or on the beach and spend bonding time together as a family.
  • Offer her a day away from the family. Some me time with no worries about how to entertain the kids and what to feed them can work miracles.
  • Bring breakfast to bed with freshly brewed coffee, her favorite cake and a flower.
  • Put together a picture book of your best memories as a family and decorate it together with the kids.
  • Make crafts from recycled materials (Bouquet of flowers, a card, jewelry, …).

  • Gift a starter kit for a veggie garden (This could be some herbs, e.g. for your window bench or seeds to grow veggies from scratch).
  • Organize a family movie night, including popcorn and drinks you usually don’t have – either at home or take the whole family to the cinema
  • Get a yearly pass to a museum, concert hall or cinema
  • Take mom out to a fancy restaurant, including dressing up and conveying a glamourous feeling
  • Book some spa time, a massage, facial, manicure / pedicure in her favorite spa for special pampering.

Experiences are a great sustainable Mother’s Day gift and perfect to make the day memorable not only for mom, but the whole family and to add to the goal of more sustainability for the whole family.


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It goes without saying that being dressed for the occasion will add to the whole experience, no matter what you have planned for mom. Our cute dresses and Mommy & Me styles speak volumes and will make for great pictures and memories of your Mother’s Day outing.


Happy Mother's Day to all amazing and strong Mom's out there!




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