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Dress your baby in style: Tips for sustainable baby clothing that is fashionable and practical

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Choosing clothes for your baby can be very fun, but also challenging. How to choose from the vast offer of cute baby styles? The children apparel sector will have an estimated value of over 267 billion USD in 2023 and experts expect a market expansion of 2,46%.  It can thus be difficult to know where to start and what to look for. But worry not, we have put some guidelines together on how to identify sustainable baby clothes, what to look for and ultimately dress your baby in style. Our tips for sustainable baby clothing that is fashionable and practical will come to you quite naturally and confirm what instinctively you already know as a parent.

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What to look for in baby clothes

When you think about which clothes you want your baby to wear you probably think about the following: The clothes should be comfortable and soft for baby and should not irritate its sensitive skin. It should be lightweight and should keep baby warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot. But, then should also be able to transmit sweat away from baby’s body. For you as a parent the clothes should be easy to put on baby and take off again when needed. Plus, you will want easy access for diaper changes. What if we told you that all of these boxes can be ticked off with the choice of the right materials, fixtures and quality clothes? At the same time, you for sure will want to avoid an excess of clothes that your baby will never wear, even more so considering that they grow fast, especially during the first year.

Did you know that an estimated 183 million pieces of children’s clothing, never worn or outgrown, go into the landfills in the UK alone each year? To avoid adding to the landfill, sustainable baby clothing would be our go-to. But then what makes sustainable baby clothing and how can it be fashionable and practical at the same time?

Organic cotton baby clothing in Hong Kong and Singapore, the best and most practical baby clothing for summer.Choose quality over quantity for sustainable baby clothing

Quality is one of the key elements when it comes to sustainable clothing in general and especially when looking for baby clothing. Choose fabrics that are made from natural sources, even better organic sources, making them soft and breathable and at the same time durable. For baby clothing you will find mainly cotton, but linen, bamboo and wool can also be options. In addition, check the clothes for sturdy seams, buttons and zips that cannot easily break. You would not want for a piece or a button to find its way into baby’s mouth. While babies are gentle to their clothes in general, aside the occasional spit up or diaper accident, as soon as they start walking their clothes are in for a rough ride. Investing in high quality clothes that are made from more durable fabrics are a good start. They will last longer and you might even be able to pass them down to siblings or to family or friends.

Comfort will make for clothes that are loved

With baby clothes, it is so important to make sure they are comfortable for the baby to wear. They should allow for free movement and not be hindering. As your baby grows older choose clothes that they can put on and remove themselves, or with minimal help. The clothes should also be able to regulate temperature to some extent and should not irritate baby’s skin.

Restriction of movement: If clothes are too small or too big, they hinder movement and thus your baby’s activities. They might be uncomfortable around the neckline, armholes, sleeves and waistlines and make it difficult to move. Clothing that is too big can twist around the body and make your baby trip.

Temperature regulation: Clothing plays an important role in regulating your baby’s temperature and making it feel comfortable. Clothes made from materials that are absorbent and allow ventilation and easily transport moisture away from baby’s body are the better choice. This one of the reasons why we are in love with (organic) cotton, but also linen.

Textiles that irritate baby’s skin: The skin of babies is about 20% thinner as adult skin. This makes it more prone to allergic reactions to scratchy fabrics, but also harmful chemicals and dyes and allergens which can penetrate the skin much faster.

Pink organic cotton baby girls romper online by Louise Misha online in Hong Kong and Singapore.Versatility and functionality for longer fun with baby’s clothes

During their first 2 years babies grow rapidly. You are in for a change of the entire wardrobe every few months or so. It makes it thus more sustainable to look for clothes that are versatile and that can be worn throughout the seasons by e.g. layering them. An adjustable waistband for pants or adjustable straps on overalls, are another option to make them more long-lived.

Fashionable clothing: Add baby’s style and personality & don’t forget about the accessories

While you are in charge of what clothes to buy, once your baby is a bit older it will have its own preferences, their style, colors and prints. Don’t be afraid to embrace their style, even if it isn’t necessarily yours. Let them express themselves through their clothes and let it reflect their hobbies and interests. That way you are sure that they are happy and feel confident and comfortable in what they are wearing.

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories, even for babies. Every outfit will be elevated with a smart choice of accessories, such as sunglasses or hats. Your baby will look extra cool while also being protected from the sun, especially now that summer is just around the corner.

Sustainable baby clothing and accessories by MiliMilu. Shop organic cotton baby clothing in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Comfortable and stylish baby clothes: How to avoid struggles during dressing time

Your child will start helping to get dressed from a very young age onwards. As young as a few months they will start helping to put their arms and legs into the clothes, with your guidance. Once they start to be more independent and might want to do it all by themselves, you can avoid some fighting by choosing clothes that are easy to put on and take off again.

  • Choose clothes with front openings or large neck openings
  • Simple fasteners, snap fasteners, large buttons
  • Zippers that are easy to operate
  • Elastic waistline instead of a belt
  • Font and back being identifiable
  • Easy to use pockets

Taking care of your baby’s clothing for more sustainability

The longer your baby can wear its clothes, the better for the environment and the more sustainable for the earth, and also your purse. The difference lies in how you take care of the clothes. Stains, diaper accidents and dirt will inevitably be on the agenda. It is thus not only important to choose fabrics that are resilient to getting washed a lot, it is also important to observe some rules when it comes to washing the clothes.

Sustainable baby clothing and is the organic cotton clothing the best for babies, the best clothing for babies.

Final words on dressing your baby in style sustainably

In summary sustainable baby clothing is made of several key elements, including organic natural fibers, high quality clothing that baby and you love and gets worn more often over a longer period of time. Taking good care of the clothing especially during washing will give your favorite pieces a longer live too.

A great gift to our planet, but also to your little ones, who will love to wear comfortable clothes to play and enjoy. Feeling confident in their clothes will also support them in being more social, being more involved in diverse experiences and having a good emotional health. It is all about finding the right balance for you and your baby between comfort, functionality, practicality and personal style.

Enjoy your journey to find clothes that dress your baby in style in a sustainable fashion.

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